What is GG Connect?
The world’s best matchmaking app for gamers.
Is GG Connect Free?
How do I add more games to my profile?
Profile → My Profile → Edit Tab → Games (choose games from list by scrolling or search games using search bar at the top)
How do I edit the consoles that I own?
Profile → My Profile → Edit Tab → Consoles (choose from list)
How do I add photos to my profile?
Profile → My Profile → Edit Tab → Tap on any of 6 green plus symbol (+) icon and add photo from camera roll or take a photo using camera
How do I add fun facts to my profile?
Profile → My Profile → Edit Tab → Tap the green + to add a fun fact
What is a friend?
Any GG Connect user you add to your friends list either through matching on the app or by using the search function.
How do I block a user?
Not sure about this, I see how to view blocked users within the profile tab.
What is a friend request?
A request either sent or received by a user asking whether or not they would like to be added to another users friend list.
How do I invite my friends?
Profile → Blue button at the top under your profile picture “Invite Friends”
How do I delete photos?
Profile → My Profile → Edit tab → Red “X” icon on bottom right corner of every photo can be used to delete photos. At least one photo is required per profile.
How does discover work?
After clicking on the bottom left “Discover” tab, you will be prompted with several matches each day. You are able to give them a thumbs up or down. If you give a prompted profile a thumbs up, they will see that you like them, and will be given the chance to request you as a friend.
How do I message someone?
Within the “Chat” tab, start a new chat by tapping the plus symbol (+) emoji on the top right corner and choosing a friend or searching a user using the search bar. Access previous chats by scrolling down within the chat tab.
Within the “Friends” tab, chat with a friend by tapping blue message icon next to that users name
How do I report a user?
After opening up any users profile, tap on the triple horizontal dot icon on top right corner of their profile, click the button labeled “report” and follow instructions.
How do I contact support?
Click on the “Profile” tab on the bottom right corner of the app. On this page near the bottom you will see a link that says “Suggestion Box”. This is your chance to drop a line to our support team.
How do I delete my account?
Click on the “Profile” tab. Scroll to bottom and you will see a button that says “Delete Account”. We are sorry to see you go, please feel free to put your account on pause. Please let us know what led you to delete your account.
There are no users around me, what does that mean?
It means there are no GG Connect users in your location proximity
How do I view what my profile looks like?
Profile → My profile → Tap View Tab in top right corner